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- Kim Jaejoong about holding someone’s hand 3/8/2014 (ˆ⌣ˆc)

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that gif just kills me… Gosh, Jae *_*



that gif just kills me… Gosh, Jae *_*

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TOI 2014

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Will we ever see a new album from GACKT again?

I have really drifted away from this GACKT guy, i just don’t feel as infatuaded with him anymore, but i still keep my eye on what’s going on, hoping that he might get that “something”, i fell for, back with something new. And just today somehow i bump into the news about new single and his theatre play ost release. And it got me thinking. What was the last album, an original album we have gotten from him? Well that was good long 5 years ago, believe it or not. In 2009 he threw out Re:Born. An album released after the tour with  original songs being previously released as five 10th anniversry singles, which was a nice marketing play on both Avex and G’s side for getting out more money from this. But anyways…. Since then he’s been only releasing singles and a couple of pointless compilation albums, from what only the recent ones had some meaning to them, because they were driven by a tour. It gets me thinking. He used to say that he doesn’t make albums as a bunch of songs for that matter but rather a “soundtrack” for his tours’ theme which later becomes an album. That would make sence why we are not getting an album anytime soon. Cuz that would mean an other tour. And keeping  the latest tour having a “Vol.1” in mind seems like there’s gonna be a part two of the same thing again. So does that mean an other one to “promote” BEST OF THE BEST? which would be kind of an old release by then….

He’s been releasing random stuff since 2009, the songs that have almost nothing in common. I wonder if he just doesn’t want to break the nice sounding ” i am creating for a story not for a company” idea that fans have in their heads, making him look less comercial and more artistic with not following a pattern he’s been so settled with or is there a different reason. At this point i kinda think that he just hasn’t gotten to the point of next story, unless his new “theater play” has an original album as an OST. OR ge’s just way too busy with side project to actually focus on making full album followed by a tour, for what he has no time in probably next two years lolAnd it cannot be the staying in charts thing either, i mean those who buy his stuff will buy whatever that has his name on it lol Be it a compilation or an original album or a single.

Anyways….Still for some reason i am curious what’s going on. What do you guys think? Will we ever get a new album, original one, from him again? or is he just going to be releasing singles only from now on? And why you think he’s doing that?

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Anonymous Asked:
yeah when rippon left orser, one of the reasons was orser got emotional after a poor skate. it discouraged rippon even more. he's more calm now.

Really? i had no he used to be quite emotional back in the day? Um well for one i could understand him..but it does no good. I’m glad he learned to take things easier now. And i think it’s really the best way to approach these kind of situations. In the end getting mad or way too upset just doesn’t do anything possitive to the skaters and him himself.  For skaters to have absolute support of their coach in any kind of result is very importaint, i think. It shows that they believe in what they can and that failures happen, it’s just a way to the top.

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It’s probably the first video of him i wached, where you can see that he kind of broke himself after those falls. That he didn’t seem to be like that “i fell but i will stand up back with my head high and just try to enjoy the rest of it here” attitude like he usually has. It’s rather overwhelming to see him like this, so dissapointed with himself. Not to mention that it obviously affected the rest of his performance. The spark was lost after the falls for him, it seemed and he kind of gave up. You just sorta want to give him a hug. Orser is not impressed either, apparently, you can tell from his serious face. But um he’s always going “it’s alright” whenever something like this happens. He’s a very calm coach it seems.

I have to give thumbs up for the crowd as well, appouding him with support after he stands back up  with each fall, it’s like saying “It’s all good, just keep going!”. And they still gave him a roaring feedback at the end. Just lovelly!And despite of all that, the guy is now at the top of pretty much every goddarn contest!

Yuzuru is deffinitelly not perfect, he’s a huge fighter and an increadibly hardworking person. I think that’s what gets me the most, that he is not this perfect guy who nails everything, he’s real, and yet in the end the effort and fight he puts in gets him to snach the bigest titles. This is what’s so amazing about him.

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the movie is still in theaters so you'll just have to wait for the dvd like everyone else.

i just realzied it’s like been only a month since it’s out…for some reason i thought it’s been two… yeah then i’ll need to wait for that i guess. I’m out of the loop.

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"Dakishimetai" movie?

Does anyone accidetally know where to watch that online? I really need some Ryo in my life -_-“

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John in “Hard Days Night (Train Scene)”

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